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Einrichtungspartnerring VME

The Bielefelder Einrichtungspartnerring VME is a furniture association founded in 1964 and represented in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It is the most successful purchasing and service association of medium-sized furniture retailers in Europe and stands for growth and continuous development at the cutting edge.

For the relaunch of the website, we stepped back a long way and took a historical overview. Then we asked ourselves how we could focus on the relevant facets of the company. Together we developed a strategy that focuses on both the experience and innovation of the association. The service provider is shown as well as the community, the know-how, the service package and new digitalisation projects.

The site was implemented in a clear and easy-to-maintain CMS system, with a focus on the up-to-date areas of press and careers.

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client — Einrichtungspartnerring VME GmbH & Co. KG
services —  strategy, creative direction, design, css, highly customized wordpress cms
items — website, career section, press section

strategy in cooperation with  — TAIPAN Consulting

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