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COMAN Software grasp the progress Wordpress and Hubspot are both powerful CMS systems that have their respective advantages. Sometimes it makes sense to migrate from one system to the other. In the ...
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Einrichtungspartnerring VME The Bielefelder Einrichtungspartnerring VME is a furniture association founded in 1964 and represented in Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Switzerland and Italy. It is the most successful ...
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Berghof Tastrup

Berghof Tastrup Ferienhaus an der ­Ostseeküste The Berghof Tastrup holiday chalet is located near Tastrup, right on the outskirts of the beautiful fjord town of Flensburg. The house itself boasts numerous ...
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Orban & Streu

Orban & Streu Orban & Streu, Frankfurt's antiquarian shop for books and vinyl records, got a website relaunch. They asked for a timeless website that was smartphone and tablet ready ...
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SWIFT Holding SWIFT  Holding is a Multifamily Office with real estate focus. For over 10 years, the SWIFT team has been successfully consulting German and international clients on the value-enhancing ...
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Usedomer Landhaus

Usedomer Landhaus Usedomer Landhaus are timber-framed houses in ecological clay construction on the island of Usedom. They are all fantastically situated, luxuriously equipped and are rented out as vacation homes. ...
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Personaltrends is a magazine dedicated to inspire human resource professionals and corporate decision makers. It provides tips&tricks, strategies, trends and resources for a wide selection of HR issues. Implemented ...
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//White off is a Berlin branding agency run by creative director Ilka Eiche. The agency had an excellent blog and wanted to turn it into a website. At this point ...
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The KRIEGER corporate design styleguide is created to support design consistency throughout the different media and platforms of the brand. It contains the use of logos, colors, corporate fonts, images ...
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Kunst- und Auktionshaus Döbritz

Timeless website for Frankfurt based art auction house Kunst- und Auktionshaus Döbritz, Frankfurt am Main–optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop. > www.doebritz.de client — Kunst- und Auktionshaus Döbritz services — web, print, identity, ...
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A portal to Yves Patak's mystical world, displaying his latest books and hosting his blog. client — patakbooks role — art direction, wordpress date — from 2017     ...
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