Judith Ellen Sarah Augustin

Judith Augustin, founder of Studio Augustin, is an artist and a designer.

She studied art, German language and literature and visual communication at the University of Art and Design Kassel. Her video works and collages have been shown internationally in galleries, museums and at festivals.

Her design career began as art director in 1999 at NEXT communications + design in Kronberg and Königstein, where she designed campaigns for Hewlett Packard, Die Bahn and Canton Electronics.

She then gained online experience as Creative Director at Integra and Genuity in Bad Homburg. Here she was responsible for digital experiences such as the e-learning programme for Cisco and websites for Degussa, Dresdner Bank, Motorola and Start Amadeus.

In 2007, she became a partner of (((vroom))) service GmbH, where as a Creative Director she was responsible for corporate publishing and event design for Allianz Bank, Dresdner Bank, Land Rover, Jaguar and Pringles.

A special project was the bilingual quarterly customer magazine “TRUE COLOURS” for satis&fy AG, which she conceived and designed for over 10 years. What made the magazine special was that a custom product, a gimmick, was designed and produced for each issue.

In 2014, Judith Augustin founded Studio Augustin—with a focus on elegant, inspiring and minimalist design for interdisciplinary print and online projects. Studio Augustin continues to work for a wide range of international clients.

Judith Augustin is a member of the DDC – Deutscher Designer Club. She runs the monthly DDC Women’s Tables and is in the core team of Learn&Burn DDC Lab for Female Leadership.

DDC – Deutscher Designer Club 
DDC Women’s Tables 
DDC LEARN & BURN Lab for Female Leadership


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