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WordPress and Hubspot are both powerful CMS systems that have their respective advantages. Sometimes it makes sense to migrate from one system to the other.

In the case of COMAN, we had a WordPress website that we transferred to Hubspot to utilise all of the system’s capabilities.

The site is bilingual, customer-centred and based on functional, scalable templates.

COMAN software enables the efficient management of complex projects, both project control and project monitoring. Users include the automotive, plant engineering, energy producers and suppliers, as well as municipal utilities and the chemical and process industries.

Landing pages, FAQs and comparison tables present the product landscape of project management solutions both clearly and in detail. The COMAN blog provides specialised knowledge and a discussion of the associated challenges. New features and updates are published via the newsletter.


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client — COMAN Software
services —  strategy, creative direction, design, css, website transfer
platforms  —  wordpress -> hubspot
items — website transfer, newsletter

strategy in cooperation with  — TAIPAN Consulting




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