client — Freie Kunstakademie Frankfurt
services —  design workshop, design concept
items —  corporate design, print media, website


The project

The Free Art Academy Frankfurt (FKaF) expands its offer with a children’s and youth art workshop. Children and adolescents between the ages of 13 and 18 can use the studio rooms independently, as at an art academy, and are supported and accompanied by professional artists in their work. Previous knowledge is not necessary. Additionally, there are workshops on specific topics and techniques. The practical work is supplemented by studio visits, excursions, and other impulses, so that theory and practice interact organically. However, the focus is on practice.


The studioaugustin had the opportunity to participate in the conception and planning from the very beginning. A design workshop provided not only the results for the graphic design but also the self-image of the school. It offers participants the opportunity to playfully approach and position themselves using the concept of the school with brainstorming and various techniques.

Design Workshop

The design workshop started with a warm-up and a brainstorming about the underlying feeling of the Jugend-Kunst-Werkstatt. It was about gaining insights and finding patterns. The first naming ideas were collected, the results were initially left on the wall and prioritized later.

In small groups, the participants decided on possible pupils and created detailed personas based on templates. Once again, it became apparent how complex the target group would be. Later the groups wrote personal stories about these personas. Here we could trace the experiences of the target group: where do they come from, what makes them get involved, why would they recommend the school, etc. Here it was mainly about getting a vivid picture of the children and teenagers.


There was already a large pool of name ideas. We prioritized and expanded them even further. The name we finally decided on gets to the heart of what it’s all about: Atelier1318–a studio for 13 to 18-year-olds. The construction of the logo follows the geometric idea of 3 as half or two-thirds of the number eight–at the same time the eight as two superimposed circles.


The mobile-optimized website shows the space, directions, introduces the school and the teachers. There is, following the website of the FKaF, a vertical navigation on the left side. The site of the Atelier 1318 consists of sections that are reached by jump labels. Embedded is also the Instagram page, which is probably more significant for young people. Here the current work of the students is displayed. Thanks to the CMS system, it is fun and easy for the members of the FKaF to edit the page themselves.


Demands on the corporate design: to supply a strong base and be variable at the same time. The name, Atelier1318, plays a defining role here: the numbers are broken up into forms that can be combined and used differently. The numbers become a logo, a symbolic mark that can stand alone or together with the written brand name. The font, the typeface inland T-Star by Michael Mischler, is suitable for the Atelier1318 due to its technical and individual charisma–besides, it is already a typeface used by the FKAF. The color palette is dominated by crisp black and white; accentuated with a different intensity of the seasonal color, which is adapted both in print media and on the website.


FKAF  / Client

Claudia Himmelreich / Academy Management
Judith Augustin / Creative Direction

Julia Malcherek / Project Management Nina Mößle / Lecturer of the FKAF, art history Lena Ditlmann / Lecturer of the FKAF Niklas Klotz / Lecturer of the FKAF Oliveira Barata / Lecturer of the FKAF

Kimia Ghetmiri / student,
Intern at the FKAF
Sissi Augustin / student


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