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The Netherlands furniture brand Trendhopper, a new brand under the roof of Einrichtungspartnerring VME, is entering the German market.

To launch Trendhopper successfully, the company is relying on a comprehensive social media and newsletter campaign strategy specifically designed to deliver effective campaigns and build a long-term communication strategy.

Studioaugustin worked closely with the VME team to develop landing pages and design a newsletter strategy for the new customer welcome flow. After signing up, customers receive a series of emails that gradually inform them about the brand’s identity and product range. Additional incentives such as voucher codes and promotions are offered to attract customers to the shops.

The design of the newsletter template, including structure, tonality and imagery, was developed in strategy workshops. The aim is to create continuous customer relationships in an entertaining way and to provide information about special features such as the 100-fabric collection and new interior design trends.

Trendhopper Newsletter

Trendhopper Mobile

Trendhopper Welcome Flow

Trendhopper Welcome Flow

Trendhopper Tablet

Trendhopper Interior

client — Trendhopper / VME
services —  strategy, creative direction, hubspot
items — landing pages, welcome flow, newsletter templates



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